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Thu May 9 11:16:19 UTC 1996

Dear Indology members:

I am looking for a summer language program in India, Pakistan or elsewhere
for a talented student in my Urdu course who is a Norwegian citizen.  I am
already aware of the compilation of language programs made by Frances
Pritchett and have contacted some of those programs individually.

The problem faced by my student is that as a Norwegian she is not eligible
to participate in many U.S.-funded summer programs.  So she has to make a
priority of finding out what is available, and after that she can decide
what language she would like to study.  Her first preference would be to
continue her study of Urdu, but she would be willing to take up the study
of some other major language of the subcontinent in order to get the
benefit of participating in an immersion program.

I would appreciate any information the members of the list can provide!

With best wishes,

Ruth Schmidt
Dept of East European and Oriental Studies 
University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1030 Blindern
N-0315 Oslo, Norway
Phone: (47) 22 85 55 86
Fax: (47) 22 85 41 40
Email: at 

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