Summer language programs in India

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at
Thu May 9 13:46:18 UTC 1996

	In response to Ruth Schmidt's question, I would like to inform
that U of Michigan is definitely teaching a 7 week intensive Hindi-Urdu
summer course this year.  Anyone still interested may contact the Center
for South and Southeast Asian Studies, U of Michigan.  The email address
to contact our administrator Les Adler is:  leadler at  The
instructor for Hindi-Urdu will be Dr. Tahsin Siddiqi. 

	Madhav Deshpande

On Thu, 9 May 1996, Ruth Laila Schmidt wrote:

> Dear Indology members:
> I am looking for a summer language program in India, Pakistan or elsewhere
> for a talented student in my Urdu course who is a Norwegian citizen.  I am
> already aware of the compilation of language programs made by Frances
> Pritchett and have contacted some of those programs individually.
> The problem faced by my student is that as a Norwegian she is not eligible
> to participate in many U.S.-funded summer programs.  So she has to make a
> priority of finding out what is available, and after that she can decide
> what language she would like to study.  Her first preference would be to
> continue her study of Urdu, but she would be willing to take up the study
> of some other major language of the subcontinent in order to get the
> benefit of participating in an immersion program.
> I would appreciate any information the members of the list can provide!
> With best wishes,
> Ruth Schmidt
> Dept of East European and Oriental Studies 
> University of Oslo
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> N-0315 Oslo, Norway
> Phone: (47) 22 85 55 86
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