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 rlsu> Subject: Summer language programs in India

 rlsu> I am looking for a summer language program in India,
 rlsu> Pakistan or elsewhere
 rlsu> for a talented student in my Urdu course [...]

 rlsu> Her first
 rlsu> preference would be to
 rlsu> continue her study of Urdu, but she would be willing to
 rlsu> take up the study
 rlsu> of some other major language of the subcontinent in order
 rlsu> to get the
 rlsu> benefit of participating in an immersion program.

In India, the best institution to contact would perhaps be the Central
Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), a central government institution. They
have intensive courses lasting a few months in all the major languages of
India, and I know of students from Canada, Sweden and other countries who have
taken such courses.

There are (I believe) 5 branches of the CIIL, situated either in or near to the
home regions of the languages which are taught. The branch in Mysore, where
courses in Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil are given, is the main branch,
hence probably the one which you would have to contact first. If my memory
serves me well, the branch in Shimla was devoted entirely to Urdu.

You could contact the Director, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Manasa
Gangothri, Mysore - 570006. When I last enquired, they wanted to get an e-mail
connection, but I do not know whether it is possible to contact them by e-mail

Robert Zydenbos
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