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Tue May 7 02:22:13 UTC 1996

>I would very much appreciate information on the following please:
>1) I have read that G. Cardona projected to write a 8 volume series on
>PaaNini's grammar; the first one being 'PaaNini, his work and its
>traditions', publ. Motilal Banarsidass(1988). How far has it now reached
>and what are the next titles please?
>2) Has anyone on this list read MiimaaMsaka YudhishhThira's 'sanskrita
>vyaakaraNa-shaastra kaa itihaasa' (tiin bhaagoN meN puurNa) [in Hindi],
>publ. Bhaaratiiya Praachyavidyaa PratishhThaan, Ajmer (1973)? Could you
>please say whether it is a complete survey of grammatical literature?
>3) What book(s) would you recommend for someone wishing to have a good
>grasp on the subject of Sanskrit grammars, both PaaNinian and others,
>(Hindi & English preferably) please?
>Many thanks beforehand.
>Girish Beeharry
1. The revised and enlarged edition of volume I should appear later this
year, though it was supposed to appear in 1995 but was delayed due to
confusion at the editors.  Also soon to appear is a revised and enlarged
edition of PANini, a survey of research, with discussion of work up to
1995.  The remaining volumes of PANini his work and its traditions ... are
in the works, believe it or not.  Volume II grew too voluminous, so that
the next installment should be the volume on kAraka rules.  This should
appear in 1997 or 1998.  In the meantime, students and I have produced a
data base of the ASTAdhyAyI, MahAbhASya, KAzikA, zikSAs, the Rgveda (with
padapATha), and Nirukta.  This has been circulated to some and will be made
available after more editing and addition of cross references.
2. As I said in the first edition of PANini, a survey of research,
Yudhisthira Mimamsaksa's work is doubtless the most exhaustive treatment
available in any language.  However, I think you have to be cautious with
respect to his datings.
3. R. N. Sharma's recent translation is very good.  It should be complete
in the next year or so. Regards, George Cardona

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