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Date: July 21, 1996 
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Dear Members
As co-editor of a forthcoming encyclopedia of South Asian
folklore, I am in the final stages of trying to find authors for
a small number of remaining articles.  I would welcome self-
nominations or suggestions for authors for the following topics. 
  FORTUNE TELLERS           Words:  600  
  TRANSVESTISM              Words:  750  
  DASARA                    Words:  600
  HOLI                      Words:  600
  KRISHNA                   Words: 1000
The encyclopedia will  be a single-volume, 500,000-word
(approximately 1000 pages, large format) reference work usable by
university students, scholars, and general readers, covering the
world region from Bangladesh to Afghanistan, Tibet to Sri Lanka. 
It will supply a survey of research on South Asian verbal arts,
folklife and material culture, in approximately 800
alphabetically-arranged entries, with appropriate illustrations
and maps.
Peter J. Claus                        
fax: (510) 704-9636
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