Sanskrit words for Software and Hardware

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Fri Jul 19 19:39:50 UTC 1996

When the 9th World Sanskrit Conference was held in Melbourne, the Sanskrit news reader of Deutsche Welle (Germany), Mrs Yajnaseni Popat, who wanted to report about "ga.nakaa.s.taaddhyaayii" a software being developed by me on Sanskrit grammar based on Panini's Sutras, asked me for a good Sanskrit equivalent for the word "software".  After discussing with some traditional Pandits from Kerala and Madras, I suggested the words
"m.rdu-ga.nakam" and "" for "soft-ware" and "hard-ware" respectively.  During my recent visit to Germany, Mrs Popat told me that she liked the words suggested by me and she has been using them.  Has there been any discussion on this topic earlier in the Indology list?

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