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At 19:11 16.12.1996 +0000, Peter D Banos wrote:

>My understanding is that modern spoken Chinese is not truly monosyllabic.
>It _looks_ like it because of the writing system, but in fact many of the
>"character combinations" they have evolved to get around the homonymy
>problem are now regarded as having become true polysyllabic words. This is
>especially true of the "Mandarin dialect;" Cantonese and other Southern
>speechforms have retained more phonetic distinctions (eg more tones, final
>stop consonants), therefore less homonymy, therefore more retention of
>simple monosyllables.
>(I'm not an expert, but if anyone wants I can probably dig up a source or
>two for the above.)

That was the oft-repeated view of no lesser a Chinese linguist than Y.R.
Chao, and I guess we can take his word for it. The same script-artifact
"monosyllabism" is also found in Tibetan, btw. The facts are:

(1) most _morphemes_ (not words) in  these languages are monosyllabic.

(2) the scripts delimit syllables, but not words. || ? | ||

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