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Das Menon dmenon at
Fri Dec 13 03:00:23 UTC 1996

At 09:31 PM 12/12/96 GMT, Gail Coelho wrote:
>Created? How? And as far as "passionate objection" is concerned -- no one in 
>India objects *now*, but what do we know of language attitudes at the 
>time that Sanskrit first took root in India?
>As Lars Martin Fosse said in a earlier message: "The best background for
>defending such a theory seems to be ignorance". :-)
Are you saying that a language with the complexity and elegance of the
Sanskrit language evolved naturally? I do not think that an evolutionar
process could have accounted for it. If it did, we need to  date the origin
of the language to much further back!
If you study the history of India during the times of Kings (and Queens),
which probably holds true for all civilizations, dissent to those "in power"
is not much tolerated! I am sure that a lot of people who objected to the
Sanskritisation of India paid for it by being beheaded as happened to the
Oracle of Sri Parmekavu Temple (I am not sure of the temple) in Trissur town
in Kerala  when he objected to the ruler of Trissur Sri Saktan Tamburan's
clearing the teak forest sourrounding the main Siva (Vadakkunathan) temple
located in the centre of the town! The psyche of the Indian people is to
worship those "in power" whether they are right or wrong. How else can we
account for the "unemployable" becoming the polical leaders of India!

Since India does not have a real recorded history, we can only speculate on
what happened in the past. and  that is all we are really doing!


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