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Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at
Fri Dec 13 07:24:08 UTC 1996

>Are you saying that a language with the complexity and elegance of the
>Sanskrit language evolved naturally? I do not think that an evolutionar
>process could have accounted for it. If it did, we need to  date the origin
>of the language to much further back!

I think you must make a difference between language as a set of phonetical
and grammatical rules on the one hand, and language as the medium for
literary products. Everywhere in the world, the latter is more refined than
the language spoken by ordinary users. But if we look at some of the simpler
texts, such as parts of the Brahmanas or of the Epic, Sanskrit does not come
across as less complicated or more elegant than, say, texts written in
Slavonic languages. The artificiality of Sanskrit, however, increases
considerably with the use of long compounds. 
 The psyche of the Indian people is to
>worship those "in power" whether they are right or wrong. How else can we
>account for the "unemployable" becoming the polical leaders of India!

You'd be surprised to know how many "unemployables" become political leaders
outside India to! Some also get jobs at universities. A Danish colleague
told me that in Denmark they used to say that it was cheaper for society to
give a man a university job than to confine him to a lunatic asylum. I put
this to psychologist, who got at pensive look on her face and then said
"well of course, in an institution you'd need personnel to look after
them...that's expensive!". So, just in case you wonder about some of your
colleagues, and why have to look after them (or out for them....) much of
the time..... :-)

Best regards,

Lars Martin

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