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Thu Dec 12 16:25:19 UTC 1996

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, Das Menon wrote:

> Also no one "brough" Sanskrit into India. From the very name it implies that
> Sanskrit is a language that was "created" for the specific purpose of
> representing AND preserving the the philosophical and cultural wealth of the
> ancient Indians, a task that would have been difficult if any of the
> traditional languages like Tamil etc. were to be used, since it would have
> identified this wealth with a community and thus would sysamatically have
> been undermined by others. Time has proven this. No one in India has a
> passionate objection to the Sanskrit language, but I am sure that one can
> find a lot of people objecting to all other languages of India.

Created? How? And as far as "passionate objection" is concerned -- no one in 
India objects *now*, but what do we know of language attitudes at the 
time that Sanskrit first took root in India?

As Lars Martin Fosse said in a earlier message: "The best background for
defending such a theory seems to be ignorance". :-)

Gail Coelho

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