Muliki Ain

Axel Michaels axel.michaels at
Wed Dec 4 18:46:32 UTC 1996

Hello Jean,
we did´t hera from each other for a long time. As you might know I meanwhile
went to Berne in Switzerland and now moved to Heidelberg. All the years
passed I asked myself from time to time what happened to the edition and
translationof the MA which you planned. 
As I told you once I had to withdraw prom this project because of my
commitments at Berne. However, I never lost the interest in this text and
still read in ir time and again. Did you make progress? Have you published
on it recently?
I have published an article on Sati in the Etudes Asiatique from Zurich. If
you have not got it I would be delighted to send you a copy. Just let me
know your adress (which I have stored somewhere, but don't ask where).
Since long I plan to write something on the adhikaari in the MA. Did you
work on it specifically?
Since I am now close to A. Hoefer my sleeping interest in this text might
awake again.
Best wishes and greetings, Axel

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