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At 19:47 04/12/1996 GMT, you wrote:
>Hello Jean,
>we did´t hera from each other for a long time. As you might know I meanwhile
>went to Berne in Switzerland and now moved to Heidelberg. All the years
>passed I asked myself from time to time what happened to the edition and
>translationof the MA which you planned. 
>As I told you once I had to withdraw prom this project because of my
>commitments at Berne. However, I never lost the interest in this text and
>still read in ir time and again. Did you make progress? Have you published
>on it recently?

Hello Axel, happy to hear of you again. The whole Edition / transliteration
of the text is almost ready (i.e. it needs some proof-reading, and some
details are missing in the notes). Translation is in progress. The latest
thing I wrote on the subject is in the BEI, I'd be delighted, a.s.o... just
send me your adress.

>I have published an article on Sati in the Etudes Asiatique from Zurich. If
>you have not got it I would be delighted to send you a copy. Just let me
>know your adress (which I have stored somewhere, but don't ask where).

I'd be delighted to read it, so here's my adress.
J. Fezas,
28 Grande Rue
F-60570 Laboissière
Ph.     33 4 44 08 99 32
Fax     33 4 44 08 34 76

>Since long I plan to write something on the adhikaari in the MA. Did you
>work on it specifically?
(dharmAdhikAr ?) I have different versions of the text and feel that a lot
of additions made between 1910-1925 BS to the second part of the Ain
originated from the dharmAdhikAr (himself or his office) [taste for endless
repetitions, particulars of style (archaisms?), etc.], but this has to be
confirmed by further evidence.

I did some research on ujIra siMha thApA's handbook (Paper by B.D. DaGgol;
nice and careful ed. by D.R. Pant, in pUrNimA), a paper should be forthcoming.  
I am 'tutoring' a student who works on local paJcayats in India from an
'ethno-juridical' point of view, I suppose that it will oblige me to
scrutinize procedural rules a little closer (especially eating of rice /
drinking of water by the kacahari's members). 
>Since I am now close to A. Hoefer my sleeping interest in this text might
>awake again.
Nice to know you are near someone interested in the subject, we are at least
three of this kind in this world. Transmit my greetings to A.H.

Best wishes and greetings, Jean

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