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Jutta K. Lehmann lehmann at alcor.concordia.ca
Sun Aug 25 14:38:02 UTC 1996

I am afraid I cannot provide much insight into Lennart Warnemyr's first 
two questions about the "Poona Dictionary" of Sanskrit. However, when I 
was at the Deccan College Library in December last year I did see the 
series he mentions. I came away with a publication listing the following:

An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Sanskrit on Historical Principles:

Part I of Volume I, Pp. 1 to 216, 1976 - Rs.150
Part II of Volume I, Pp. 217 to 504, 1977 - Rs.150
Part III of Volume I, Pp. 505 to 719, 1978 - Rs. 125
Volume I Rexine bound, 1978, Pp. 1 to 719 - Rs.425
Part I of Volume II, Pp. 720 to 976, 1979 - Rs.125
Part II of Volume II, Pp. 977 to 1224, 1980 - Rs. 125
Part III of Volume II, Pp. 1225 to 1477, 1981 - Rs. 125
Volume II Rexine bound, 1981, Pp. 720 to 1477 - Rs. 375
Part I of Volume III, Pp. 1479 to 1638, 1983 - Rs. 112
Part II of Volume III, Pp. 1639 to 1798, 1988 - Rs. 160

and was told by the chief librarian that they were up to volume V. Cost 
of shipping is extra. I must presume that this is indeed the project 
mentioned by Coulson, since this Dictionary had barely got beyond the 
"aa's" of the venerable Sanskrit tongue. Progress is extremely slow, 
partly due to lack of funding (a perenial problem, especially in India). 
The same problem afflicts two other mammoth projects I investigated while 
in India, namely the "Cultural Index of the Mahabharata"  (Bhandarkar 
Institute in Pune) and the "Catalogus Catalogorum" of the University of 
Madras (they were down to one staff member who had just started on the 

If Dr. Warnemyr wishes to have more info he may write to:

The Secretary
Sanskrit Dictionary Project
Deccan College, Pune 411 006

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