South Asia Reference Tools Program

James Nye jnye at
Sun Aug 25 15:14:29 UTC 1996

        The South Asia Program of the Committee on Institutional 
Cooperation (CIC), including a group of research universities in the 
middle of the US, has started the South Asia Reference Tools Program to 
address the problem of scarce and brittle reference publications.  The 
first phase of the program involves reproduction on acid-free paper with 
library binding of the nineteenth-century catalogs from the British 
Museum covering the languages of India.  If this first effort to replace 
and improve access to reference publications is successful, CIC's South 
Asia Program will extend this cooperative program to encompass other
brittle items for reference use.

        A form for ordering volumes is available at the URL:
Questions should be directed to the BookLab, a preservation service in 
Austin that will prepare the reproductions.  They may be reached at: 

    BookLab, Inc., 1606 Headway Circle, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78754.
    Phone: (800) 224-1794; Fax: (512) 837-9797; E-mail: sabina at

        Books may be ordered individually or as a set.  Prepayment in US 
dollars is required from all clients outside the United States; shipping 
and handling will be billed later.  US clients will be billed for the entire 
amount after shipping.  Orders should be sent (via mail, fax, or 
electronically) prior to October 31, 1996.

James Nye
Bibliographer for Southern Asia
University of Chicago Library

> From letsch at 25 96 Aug +0100 21:05:04
Date: 25 Aug 96 21:05:04 +0100
From: letsch at (MIRJAM LETSCH)
Subject: video

Dear List-Members,

I would very much like to see a videofilm that has - as far as I know - come
out under two different titles:
1. Salvation. A film on the widows of Vrindavan.
2. Moksha.
According to the limited information I have, the video was published in 1992 in
Great Britain, by 'Vital Films'. Production for Channel Four television.
Director: Pankaj Butana.
Does anyone know where I could get the video?
Kind regards,

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