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Lennart Warnemyr andren.warnemyr at lund.mail.telia.com
Sat Aug 24 18:49:05 UTC 1996

Michael Coulson wrote the following in "Sanskrit -- An Introduction To
The Classical Language" (Teach Yourself Books), Appendix 1 p. 277:
"All present dictionaries are grossly out of date: Sanskrit studies
will be revolutionised when the vast work at present [1976?] under
preparation in Poona finally sees the light of day."

At the Navrang site (http://catalog.com/navrang/) i found the
following item in their "Indian Books on Sanskrit" catalogue:


 An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Sanskrit on Historical Principles:
Vol:V,Pt.II. Pune: The author,1995. 2607-2686p. $22.50(Pb)"

I have few questions about this:
1) Is the statement of Dr. Coulson true?
2) Is the Navrang item a part of the Poona dictionary that Dr. Coulson
3) If so, 
   a) how much has been done?
   b) when are they expected to be finished?
   c) where can I find rewievs of the already finished volumes?
   d) is there an electronic version forthcoming? 

Many thanks for any learned response,
Lennart Warnemyr

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