typing Sanskrit

Pullat Devadas Das Menon dmenon at pacific.net.sg
Thu Aug 22 02:05:23 UTC 1996

Perhaps you can list out the full scheme? Then it will be easier to compare
it with the other methods like ITRANS, Harvard-Koyoto, T.G. etc.?


At 09:33 PM 8/21/96 BST, you wrote:
>I have just read a forwarded letter about standards and it reminds me ...
>More than 1,5 year ago I presented my way of writing Sanskrit. There was
>no reaction to it. However, I still do not know why other systems are
>thought better. I guess, some computer reasons may be at stake.
>Here again is my way. Let us call it BO.
>1) long vowels are double repetitions of their short counterparts
>2) diacritical marks written above a letter are rendered by a dash (or an
>upper stroke) behind  that letter ie "-"
>3) diacritical marks written below a letter are rendered by a lower stroke
>written behind that letter ie "_" 
>4) eventual divisions are marked by "/"
>5) to distinguish between two "n-"s, one of them is written as "n~" and
>the other as "n-" (you guess from Spanish which is the right way) 

>				Leslaw Borowski

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