typing Sanskrit

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Aug 22 10:44:50 UTC 1996

Leslaw's system  "BO" seems just as good as any other 7-bit scheme.  I
think it is probably better to decide which side of a letter your accents
will appear -- BO has accent-markers on the left and on the right of
letters, which makes automatic parsing much more fiddly.  

However, Peter Schreiner's transliteration scheme is very similar to BO in
general principle, and more fully worked-out.  In addition, there is a
significant corpus of work in Peter's coding, which makes it worthwhile to
develop conversion tables for moving in and out of his scheme (to TeX, for

Finally, I should like to say *again*, pace Lars M. Fosse's remarks which
I consider refutable, that no 7-bit coding scheme for Sanskrit is
essentially better than any other, as long as ambiguity is avoided.  And
the tools for converting from one scheme to another are so widespread and
easy to use, that surely we must ask whether the topic remains
interesting?  Might we seriously consider replacing any typing on this
topic by typing actual Sanskrit texts (in any coding :-)?


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