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>Dear list members,
>I need to know some details about the following scholars:
>1. A. Venis (or Venice?), who was principal at Government Sanskrit 
>College (Queen's College?) at Banaras during the 1890s or 1900s. What was 
>his particular field and what publications he had.
>2. L. de Baron Holstein (Baron de Holstein?), where was he from, what was 
>his special field, from where he published Kazyapa Parivarta?
>I would appreciate very much any information in this regard.

>Benjamin Preciado-Solis.

I would recommend to get in contact with Klaus Karttunen, University
of Helsinki, PF 13, Meritullinkatu 1, SF-00014 Helsinki, Finland. He has
collected (bio- and bibliographical) material on "old indologists".
Unfortunately, I don't know his e-mail-address. Good luck!

Oliver Freiberger
University of Bayreuth, Germany

Dear list members,
about no 2 I found out: It is 
Stael-Holstein, Alexander (Freiherr or Baron von) who edited 
Kasyapaparivarta in the 1930ties. According to the NUC he lived from 
1877-1937 and most of the works he edited were published from Peiping 
(China), one from St. Petersburg. Two of his works have been 
published in Bibliotheca Buddhica (no 12 and 15). He seems to have 
been a German (perhaps missionary?). I found several other Stael von Holsteins in 
biographical dictionaries although not him so far.
Hope I could be of some help!
 And Klaus Karttunen - is your collection of bio-data of old  Indologist accessible?
 I would be very interested in it, as I am working on 'the Rudolf von 
Roth-circle' and am collecting such datas as well!


Dr Gabriele Zeller
Universitaetsbibliothek Tuebingen
Wilhelmstr. 32
72016 Tuebingen

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