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Fri Aug 2 11:27:17 UTC 1996

My thanks to Prof. Prof. Gene Thursby, Vidyasankar Sundar,Cynthia Col and
Purushottama Bilim for their help and offers of help (Prof. Thursby was most 
generous with three of his important articles). All the scientific articles
I mentioned were written by prof. Thursby. On the other hand, none of the
articles published in popular press was written by any of the mentioned list
members. (At least to my knowledge.) I must have used some funny syntax 
to cause the impression to the contrary.
	Also, I know apologies to Prof. Vidyasankar Sundar for misspelling
his name. I would like to ask him to give me his email address. I have been
trying to answer his private letter using the v... at p... address but got in
return only the communicate of "host unknown". I would like to give 
some more details on the subject of SY in private letters.
	As for Siddha Yoga, I know they stage a theater performance
around/on Xmas in the nineties presenting poor Santa Claus beeing slendered
by bad press despite his hard work. A blue figure of THE SELF came with
consolations. So, siddhayogis know their image is not very clear still
they don't want mehr Licht and prefere to stay in shadow despite the fact
they bow to the Light of Consciousness. A bit strange.
	I seem to get conflicting messages about (a) New Yorker
publication(s). One of them says it's an article by Lis Harris "O Guru,
Guru, Guru" from Nov 1994, the other says about some article from 14 Dec 
1994 (no pages mentioned). Am I right in thinking there is only one article
from that period? 
	Thanks and regards,
				Leslaw Borowski

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