Siddha Yoga

purushottama bilimoria pbilmo at
Mon Aug 5 06:37:05 UTC 1996

The article I have in front of me is entitled" "Annals of Religion O Guru, 
Guru, Guru". It is by Lis Harris and it appears in the New Yorker Nov 14, 
1994, pp. 92-109. However, the front cover bears the leader: "Blissed off 
How Gurumayi's brother fell from grace, and other secretas of the upscale 
upstate ashram". My earlier reference to the cover title might have given 
the impression that there are two different articles. There is only one 
such. By the way, the rejoinders from ashram-stalwarts was even more 
interesting. These appeared, from memory, in a subsequent issue of the 
New Yorker.

Yours blissfully.

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