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Fri Aug 2 02:52:37 UTC 1996

What about the scathing article in the NEW YORKER entitled: Blissed Out, 
etc. It is about the intriques in the Cats-killing Up-state New York 
ashram and the feud between the brother-sister claimants to the 
succession issue (talk about gurus leaving behind ambiguous traces!) and 
how the battle was won. A mini epic for someone to write a small granth on.
!). I think the article had appeared in the September 1992 issue; I will 
post the exact reference in my next darshan round. Chelas please await 
the a/divine revelation.



On Thu, 1 
Aug 1996, Leslaw Borowski wrote:

> Thank you very much to Vidya Sankarsundar, Gene R. Thursby and Pullat Devas
> for taking interest in my questions concerning Siddha Yoga. I am very
> grateful to Vidya Sankarsundar who offered me some additional help. I am
> very honored by the answer of Gene R. Thursby who is an author of, I think,
> 5 or 6 publications related to Siddha Yoga. In his modesty he forgot to
> mention his authorship of the suggested chapter of the book edited by 
> T. Miller.
> 	I think, major problem with Swami Muktananda thought is its
> ecclectic features. The organization as such is working quite well given the
> the scandals depicted by  W. Rodarmor and Indian papers. However, I don't
> think this kind of organization is very much in fashion these days. As far as
> I know they are trying to find some place for themselves in Russia now. What
> surprises me is the secrecy about Siddha Yoga. Polish members don't want to
> talk about SY without permission of their leaders in South Fallsburg 
> and the leaders didn't allow me to ask polish members for their personal 
> opinions about SY. They also didn't answer to my very general questions 
> about the structure of SY etc. I think the secrecy would leave rather bad 
> impression in Poland. In fact, I think they overdid it. I was not asking
> about the official statut of SY and the working of its Board of Trustees.
> Gurumayi makes rather good impression but the present secrecy can make
> people suspicious. Is anything I said controversial?
> 			My regards
> 					Leslaw Borowski

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