Siddha Yoga

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Thu Aug 1 20:32:09 UTC 1996

Thank you very much to Vidya Sankarsundar, Gene R. Thursby and Pullat Devas
for taking interest in my questions concerning Siddha Yoga. I am very
grateful to Vidya Sankarsundar who offered me some additional help. I am
very honored by the answer of Gene R. Thursby who is an author of, I think,
5 or 6 publications related to Siddha Yoga. In his modesty he forgot to
mention his authorship of the suggested chapter of the book edited by 
T. Miller.
	I think, major problem with Swami Muktananda thought is its
ecclectic features. The organization as such is working quite well given the
the scandals depicted by  W. Rodarmor and Indian papers. However, I don't
think this kind of organization is very much in fashion these days. As far as
I know they are trying to find some place for themselves in Russia now. What
surprises me is the secrecy about Siddha Yoga. Polish members don't want to
talk about SY without permission of their leaders in South Fallsburg 
and the leaders didn't allow me to ask polish members for their personal 
opinions about SY. They also didn't answer to my very general questions 
about the structure of SY etc. I think the secrecy would leave rather bad 
impression in Poland. In fact, I think they overdid it. I was not asking
about the official statut of SY and the working of its Board of Trustees.
Gurumayi makes rather good impression but the present secrecy can make
people suspicious. Is anything I said controversial?
			My regards
					Leslaw Borowski

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