Chinese Jasmine or what is knwon as MOGRA in Marathi

sjohar at sjohar at
Tue Sep 12 23:18:31 UTC 1995

Hi everyone,

I am workingon the connections of Western indian sea porets with teh rest fo
the world from 500 B C to 1500 A D. In the course of my readings I came
across an intersting snippet of information. Apparently, the fovourite
flower of Western Maharashtra - known locally as Mogra, is a native of South
China. Given that the same flower is also a favourite of Goa and western
karnataka - in kannada it is called Mallige, I am keen to find out the
earliest reference to this specific plant in literature. Can any one help
me? What is it called in Sanskrit ? 

It is refered to in Dnyaneshwar's famous marathi poem - Mogara phulala, but
the date of that poem is pretty late.

Thanks is advance.



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