Chinese Jasmine or what is knwon as MOGRA in Marathi

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Fri Sep 29 11:01:24 UTC 1995

Sugandha Johar said:
> ... Apparently, the fovourite
> flower of Western Maharashtra - known locally as Mogra, is a native of South
> China. Given that the same flower is also a favourite of Goa and western
> karnataka - in kannada it is called Mallige, I am keen to find out the
> earliest reference to this specific plant in literature. Can any one help
> me? What is it called in Sanskrit ? 

Dear Sugandha (appropriate name!),

Mallige is Jasminum sambac (L.) Ait., known in English as "Arabian
Jasmine"  It is sometimes also called "Tuscan jasmine" or "Sambac
jasmine".  The New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary Index of
Garden Plants (London, 1994) says of this plant that it "may originate
in India".  The Sanskrit name is Mallikaa, although there are many, many
synonyms for this popular plant.  It is mentioned in the
Abhidhaanama~njarii,  Bhaavaprakaa"sa, Raajanigha.n.tu,
Kaiyadevaanigha.n.tu, etc.



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