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Fri Sep 1 04:14:09 UTC 1995

David Lorenzen S. writes:
> Can anyone recommend a textbook and/or audiovisual materials for an
> English/Hindi speaker who wants to learn Bengali?  Thanks.

One can start with Learn Bengali in 30 days. Short story books by
Satyajit Ray and Sukumar Ray (his father) are good. You can also watch
the various Satyajit Ray movies and serials. One of his books, Jai
Baba Felunath, has been made into a movie. Then there are stories and
poems by Rabindranath Tagore. If you have a Bengali friend, it will
help also. If you can go to Bengal and live there for some time that
will also help.

Some of Satyajit Ray's story books are:
Ek Dozen Goppo (One dozen stories)
Aro Ek Dozon   (One more dozen)
Aro Baro       (Another twelve)
Ebaro Baro     (Again twelve)
Eker Piche Dui (Two after one)

As you can see, each is a collection of dozen short stories.

Good luck!

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