Learning Bengali

David Magier magier at columbia.edu
Fri Sep 1 12:44:00 UTC 1995

> Can anyone recommend a textbook and/or audiovisual materials for an 
> English/Hindi speaker who wants to learn Bengali?  Thanks.
> David Lorenzen
> lorenzen at colmex.mx

In the South Asia Gopher, under Teaching Resources, you will find a
well-known repository of annotated listings of South Asian language
teaching materials (grammars, dictionaries, etc.), known as ILM
(Inventory of Language Materials), series editor Frances Pritchett. You
can get to it directly at the following URL:


or you can telnet to columbianet.columbia.edu and then navigate the
menus as follows:

    SOUTH ASIAN STUDIES (second page of menu)
      TEACHING Resources on South Asia


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