V.N. Bhatkhande's Sangiit Paddhati

dplukker at inter.NL.net dplukker at inter.NL.net
Fri Sep 1 20:08:07 UTC 1995

Would anyone happen to know whether the Marathi version of a series of
books on music by Pt. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande is somewhere
(preferably in the Netherlands) available? Thusfar I have only the
following information.

The books have been published in Sanskrit (1934), in Marathi and in 
Hindi and are collectively known as
       hindustaanii sa"ngiit paddhati,

consisting of two sets, one of 4 volumes, called 
       sa"ngiit "saastra   and one of 6 volumes, called
       graamik maalikaa.

Thank you all,

    Dick Plukker
    India Institute, Amsterdam


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