Seeking information on Vedic recensions.

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Anshuman Pandey <apandey at> wrote:
>I have been trying to find information about the Samaveda in terms of the 
>upavedas, vedangas, upanishads, brahmanas, srauta sutras, and other 
>various writings which originated from it. Accordingly, I am also 
>looking for information about the saakhas, chaaranas, etc. and other 
>recensions by which the Samaveda was studied and passed down.
>Is there a "vedic encyclopedia" of sorts which details this sort of 
>information, or am I asking for too much?
>Anshuman Pandey

The following books and articles are to be consulted. Most of them contain 
bibliographies of the editions of Saamavedic texts and further references.  

<General Surveys of Saamavedic 'saakhaas and texts>

Caland, W.: Die Jaiminiiya-Sa.mhitaa mit einer Einleitung "uber die 
Saamavedaliteratur. [Indische Forschungen]. Breslau 1907. (basic refenence!)

Caland, W.: Pa‾ncavi.m' The of Twenty Five Chapters. 
[Bibliotheca Indica, No. 255]. Calcutta 1931. (pp. i-ix on Saamaveic Texts)

Renou, L.: Les 'Ecoles v'ediques et la formation du Veda. Paris 1947. (pp. 
87-129 on Saamaveda)

Parpola, A.: The Literature and Study of the Jaiminiiya Saamaveda in Retrospect 
and Prospect. [Studia Orientalia 43:6]. Helsinki 1973.

Tsuji, N.: "Genzon Saamaveda-bunken no gaikan (Sa.mhitaa-hen)" (in Japanese). 
In: Tsuji Naoshiro Chosakushuu (Tokyo 1981), Vol. 1, 317-344.

<Saamavedic chant>

Howard, W.: Saamavedic Chant. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 

<Saamavedic Braahma.nas and Upani.sads>

Caland, W.: Pa‾ncavi.m' (listed above) 

Bodewitz, H. W.: Jaiminiiya I, 1-65. Leiden 1973.
Bodewitz, H. W.: The Jyoti.s.toma Ritual. Jaiminiiya I, 66-364. 
Leiden 1990.

Fujii, M.: "Saishoki-Upanishaddo-bunken no seiritsu to densho kenkyuu-jyosetsu--," Machikaneyama Ronso 
(Philosophy) 23, Osaka University, 13-25. (the English and revised version 
entitled "On the Formation and Transmission of the Jaiminiiya-Upani.sad-" will be soon published in Harvard). 

<Saamavedic 'Srautasuutras>

Parpola, A.: The 'Srautasuutras of Laa.tyaayana and and their 
commentaries. An English translation and study. 2 vols. Helsinki 1968-69.



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