Any distinction between "yoga" and "marga"?

Max.Nihom at Max.Nihom at
Mon Oct 9 09:20:22 UTC 1995

>then again, the original question referred to "the four yogas", but
>not necessarily the time frame of the system.  the four margas i
>mentioned are the pattern of the agamic texts.  as i understand it,
>and again, please pardon my ignorance, the agamas are much later than
>the vedas, but many are over 2,000 years old.  tradition i am told
>counts 92 main saiva agamas, and 108 vaishnava pancharatra agamas.
>most agamas are of 4 parts, the charya, kriya, yoga and jnana padas
>(pada meaning quarter part, also, step, pace, stage, path ...)
>which correspond to the 4 margas mentioned in my previous post.
>Om Namasivaya

I believe H. Brunner has shown that the division into four padas of the 
aagamas is late.

Max Nihom


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