Any distinction between "yoga" and "marga"?

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Sun Oct 8 17:19:58 UTC 1995

In the previous several comments on yoga, esp. hatha yoga,
there seems to be something of a tenor of discrediting it
as part of a health practice in ayurveda because of its
late inclusion.  Might this better be thought of as a 
further development, an enhancement, in line with the larger
'philosophy' (ie. not just medicines, diagnosis, surgery,
etc.) and prevention of ill-health implied in ayurveda from
the start?  Need there be value only in that which was 
"passed down the various lineages of gurus since time immemorial"?
To imply that with regard to Indian sciences is to treat
them very differently than the expectations that we have
of Western (so-called) sciences, where the latest developments
are more highly valued than what the ancients practiced and
the folk medicines past down through family lineages.

Is not ayurveda and yoga such a living, dynamic, growing 
set of sciences?  Don't practioners see it that way?  Shouldn't

Peter Claus

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