Any distinction between "yoga" and "marga"?

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Mon Oct 9 16:39:19 UTC 1995

As Max Nihom has pointed out, an article of Mme. Brunner [`The Four Paadas 
of "Saivaagamas' in `The Journal of Oriental Reseach, Madras, Dr.S.S.Janaki 
Felicitation Volume'  (Madras:1992)] does indeed show that few of the
twenty-eight tantras of the "Saiva Siddhaanta (and none that are demonstrably 
early) are divided into sections of text called paadas.  

Nevertheless the group of four (j~naana/vidyaa, kriyaa, caryaa/vrata, and yoga)
is mentioned in early tantras that are not divided into sections of text with 
these labels (e.g. in chapter 6 of the and in other later works that
are not so divided (e.g. the Vi.s.nusa.mhitaa).

It is conceivable that the paadas were the names of subject areas covered by 
tantras and not labels for text divisions, as they subsequently became in
tantras like the Mata.ngapaarame"svara and the M.rgendra.

Dominic Goodall.


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