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E.A. Solomon wrote a few articles on `Forgotten Naiyaayikas´ which are known 
to me. In a footnote of one of her articles (Trilocana - A Forgotten 
Naiyaayika, Proceedings of the 4th World Sanskrit Conference, Berlin 1986 
which seems to be a short version of the one mentioned below, No1) she 
refers to more of her articles on this topic all of which seem to be 
published in Vidya, The Journal of the Gujarat University, Ahmedabad 
(C-Languages??). Does anybody on the list have access to or, at least, have 
the correct bibliographical references of the following articles, since the 
bibliographic references of Solomon are partly cryptic and inconsistent:

1. Trilocana - A Forgotten Naiyaayika. Vidya 23/1 1980
2. Aviddhakarn.a - A Forgotten Naiyaayika. Vidya 13/1 1070
3. A Further Note on Aviddhakarn.a. Vidya 13/2 1971
4. Forgotten Naiyaayikas: Acaarya Adhyayana. Vidya 17 Humanities 1974
5. Forgotten Naiyaayikas: Bhaavivikta. Vidya 17/1-2 1974
6. Forgotten Naiyaayikas: Vi´svaruupa. Vidya 18/1 1976
7. ´Sa.nkara - A Forgotten Naiyaayika. Vidya 1978.

Since I need these articles rather urgently, I would be gratful for any help.

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