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Thu Oct 5 03:30:28 UTC 1995

>Can anyone give me a rough date on the appearance of the practice of
>separate performances of tala vadya kacceri (as distinct from tani
>avartam). Particularly, is it a recent phenomenon in concert life
>John Napier
>University of New South Wales
>Sydney Australia

Any information on the various schools of Indian drumming would be much
appreciated in this context. There are always some drumming festivals going
on in India around this time of the year (i.e., harvest time). The
much-celebrated Alla Rakha and Zakir Hussain aside, the art of drumming is
almost a sacred ritual among many tribes and the so-called "non-Aryan"
inhabitants of south Asia. Some examples would be the Santhals, Kols,
Mundas, and Khasis. Their drumming, if not anything else, works as therapy
to the cacophony-stricken city-dwellers.

Thanks in advance.

-Partha Banerjee

University at Albany
Albany, New York


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