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Anand Venkt Raman A.Raman at
Tue Nov 28 21:40:15 UTC 1995

>	Look to this day
>	For yesterday is but a dream
>	And tomorrow is only a vision.
>	But today, well lived
>	Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
>	And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
>	Look well, therefore, to this day.

This is Incredible - My sister told me this "old sanskrit poem" last
week, and that she used it in a toast recently. I asked her the
source but she didn't know where "exactly" she got it from. But it
sounded nice, so I wrote it down and came back to Palmerston North
with the idea of posting it to the list sometime asking if someone
knew where it first occurs!!!!

As far as I know my sister isn't doing a course on Indian Buddhism.
I'll believe that it was quoted in Reader's Digest, though.  Seems
very likely.


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