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Great minds work in the same paths!  I have been meaning to post this 
question.  This is a standard of greeting cards, inspirations posters, 
collections of inspirational poems.  One idea I had is that it could be 
ultimately derived (perhaps through several translations or 
transcreations) from some Vedic hymn to Day or Dawn.  Does it ring any 
bells with anyone as such?  It also occurs to me it might be an 
English translation of one of Ruckert's translations of Sanskrit 
literature.  LC has his trans. of the Atharvaveda; I will have a look at 
it to see if anything therein looks like a likely source.  Is anyone out 
there familiar with Ruckert?

Allen Thrasher

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, B. Hatcher wrote:

> In a short paper on Indian Buddhism one of my students quoted the 
> following words, which she identified as a 'Sanskrit Proverb' (apparently 
> found in _Reader's Digest_):
> 	Look to this day
> 	For yesterday is but a dream
> 	And tomorrow is only a vision.
> 	But today, well lived
> 	Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
> 	And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
> 	Look well, therefore, to this day.
> Can anyone help me identify a source for this?  My queries have not 
> always produced fruit, but when I saw how much help Bob Hueckstedt got 
> with a similar problem recently, I felt emboldened.
> Thanks in advance,
> Brian A. Hatcher
> Dept. of Religion
> Illinois Wesleyan University
> Bloomington, IL  61701
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