Trouble with devnag Metafont.

Anshuman Pandey apandey at
Tue Nov 28 05:57:31 UTC 1995

I hope this isn't too off topic, I didn't know where else I could have 
turned, and I presume that some of you have experimented with Frans 
Velthuis's devnag package and would be able to offer me some assistance.

As I am running a 486 PC I have chosen to run emTeX and have successfully 
installed it. I have also installed ITrans and that, too, was successful. 
The trouble arises when I attempt to process the ITrans output TeX file 
with laTeX2e. I receive an error message:

    !Font \devnf=dnh at 15.0pt not located: Metric (TFM) font not found.

Apparently, I have not installed the devnag package correctly. Does 
anyone know how? In the README file included with the package, Velthuis 
suggests that the files in the PK300 directory be copied to the 
appropriate directories in the \TEXFONTS directory. This I have done, yet 
the errors still plague my every attempt.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again, and sorry for the off-topic bandwidth.

Anshuman Pandey


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