Enrica Garzilli garzilli at
Sat Nov 25 21:44:45 UTC 1995

On Sat, 25 Nov 1995, Will Wagers wrote:
> The first call for votes (CFV) for the moderated group
> sci.philosophy.natural has been posted in news.groups.
It is extremely impolite and against the netiquette to post a "HOW TO 
VOTE" for a newsgroup in a mailing list.
There are newsgroups ONLY for that purpose. 
Usenet is democratic and free = everybody can partecipate but should 
respect certain rules.
BTW, Will Wagers filled up many times my inbox in this list with empty 
msgs, as well as personal msgs, re his projects. After trying many times to 
open a mailing list at the biggest US Universities (for the name, and to 
use it for nothing, otherwise there are commercial providers wich most of 
us use) this person decides to use Usenet against the recognised rules. 
I write in this list because I receive from it many long and improper msgs 
with no link at all with Indology (such as: CALL FOR VOTE).

Dott. Enrica Garzilli

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