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Sat Nov 25 20:13:53 UTC 1995

> Dear Collegues,
> Does anyone of you know where to get a sanscrit fonr for the Mac?
> Ulrich
Dear Urich Windisch: I have been using ,for several years now, a
software product for Sanskrt fonts developed by "Ecological
Linguistics". They have a substantial list of fonts for the
Indian and South Asian alphabets designed to be used by the mac.
I use what they call DevanagariExtended along with IndicTimes;
the first converts your keyboard into devanagari and the second
is the roman equivalent. Its a very good product and the 
company stands behind their work.The snail mail address is
Ecological Linguistics,PO BOX 15156,Washington ,DC 20003
Phone: 1-202-546-5862 I do do not have their email address but 
it has been mentioned on the Indology -L recently. Maybe someone
else can provide the email. 
Yes, it interfaces with "word" wordprocessing for mac!Salutations, jim

> Urich Windisch,Berlin

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