Dott. Enrica Garzilli's Complaint

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Sat Nov 25 23:19:35 UTC 1995

While it is my custom to attempt to settle differences such as this
complaint in private, Dott. Enrica Garzilli has chosen to involve the list,
so I must respond on the list. I apologize for subjecting the list members
to this dispute.

Dott. Enrica Garzilli writes:

>It is extremely impolite and against the netiquette to post a "HOW TO
>VOTE" for a newsgroup in a mailing list.
>There are newsgroups ONLY for that purpose.
>Usenet is democratic and free = everybody can partecipate but should
>respect certain rules.

As you probably know, Calls for Votes (CFVs) contain a section for
automated distribution to mailing lists. Because of the difficulties of
automatically posting to mailing lists from the original CFV, I was advised
by my votetaker that, instead, I should post notices of the CFV to the
relevant mailing lists. This is what I have done. (BTW: the
automatically-posted notices are much longer, including the complete CFV.)
In addition, I have been following the steps taken by a successful
newsgroup proposal, against which there were no complaints.

>BTW, Will Wagers filled up many times my inbox in this list with empty
>msgs, as well as personal msgs, re his projects.

I corresponded, as I recall, on one day with Dott. Enrica Garzilli when
looking for a host for a mailing list. The correspondence would have
consisted of a single, brief enquiry from me, but Dott. Enrica Garzilli
kept insisting for more information from me (while bringing me up to date
on netiquette). Most people handle requests for advice or help with respect
and graciousness. I handle quite a few myself each week. It is one of the
main functions of UseNet. Posts regarding my newsgroup project are personal
in the sense that I am promoting it; however, they are intended to benefit
scholars and scientists from many fields.

>After trying many times to
>open a mailing list at the biggest US Universities (for the name, and to
>use it for nothing, otherwise there are commercial providers wich most of
>us use) this person decides to use Usenet against the recognised rules.

I fail to see what this has to do with the other. I am especially puzzled
by this complaint, as Dott. Enrica Garzilli has only recently (21 Nov 1995)
offered to co-own the list in question with me. I have no university
connection, at present; therefore, I have been seeking a home for a mailing
list. I have seen two other such requests in the past month. This is in no
way improper, and many people have been both sympathetic and helpful. I
may, in the end, decide to use a commercial provider.

Incidentally, I consider it a violation of confidence to publicize private

>I write in this list because I receive from it many long and improper msgs
>with no link at all with Indology (such as: CALL FOR VOTE).

The postings in question relate to a proposed newsgroup for the study of
and publications on Ancient Science. Indian science is very much related to
this topic. And, the contributions of Sanskrit scholars, historians of
Indian science, Indian scientists, as well as experts in Indian philosophy
and theology are critical to the success of the group.

I quote the material sent to me upon subscribing to INDOLOGY:

        "INDOLOGY was started in 1990 as a forum for Sanskritists, MIA and NIA
        language specialists, Dravidologists, historians, and others interested
        in any aspect of Indological studies. That includes other languages, of
        course, and anything related. It's not restricted, except that
        discussions about contemporary politics and social issues are better
        carried out on soc.culture.india and other forums like that."

I find nothing here which would deem my postings improper, quite the contrary.

Having made my point, I am perfectly willing to discuss off-list any
suggestions anyone may have for improving communication with the list.
Although there seems to be a bit of a personality clash between Dott.
Enrica Garzilli and myself, I am also willing to work with Dott. Enrica
Garzilli in whatever way might be beneficial.




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Hello Echnaton,

You wrote on 25.11.95 about "Sanscrit Font":

> Dear Collegues,
> Does anyone of you know where to get a sanscrit fonr for the Mac?
> Ulrich

Linguist Software - for example - provides TrueType and PS fonts for  
Macintosh and Windows/OS2 PCs (this is a commercial company, of  
course). I never used one of them so I can copy only the advertisement  
I have at hand.

They have a package called "LaserHindi Sanskrit": "TrueType(tm) and  
ATM-compatible Type-1 HindiSanskrit fonts. Keyboard Switcher assists  
typing consonants, conjuncts, and vowels. $99.95." It consists of a  
Devanagari set in both TT and Type-1. Some years (1992 or 93) ago I  
saw a printed specimen typeset with this Nagari. I must confess - at  
least in my opinion - it was not so elegant as the font for TeX  
created by F. Velthuis. So I voted for the last one.

Besides Nagari Linguist Software has also packages called  
"LaserGujarati", "LaserPanjabi", "LaserTamil", "TransIndic  
Transliterator" and as forthcoming "LaserSindhi".

Whoever of you Indology subscribers has used or uses one of these  
please let us know your experience(s) with them.

Perhaps, a look around public fileservers will do the same. Once I saw  
on Compu$erve's Foreign Language Forum a Mac Nagari font.

Peter Wyzlic


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