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Wed Nov 15 12:23:53 UTC 1995

Anshuman Pandey said:
> On Tue, 14 Nov 1995 ORACLE at wrote:
> > Yes, there is freeware postscript (and may be truetype also) available from
> > the archive located at Wahingotn State University located in Seattle in USA.
> > I have used postscript version of these fonts and they are very good. I even
> > defined a set of Macros to make typing of diacritical chars very easy using
> > these fonts. You can do the same using the Recorder application under Windows,
> > but if you want my macro file I can send it free.
> The Blackbox archive site - - is no longer 
> available. I am unsure whether it's archives are kept elsewhere or if 
> they were even transfer as all. Additionally, it is the University of 
> Washington which is located in Seattle, WA. The "other" is a cross-state 
> rival.
> Regarding the recent threads about Devanagari fonts, I might add that one 
> very good program for creating and printing Devanagari texts is Avinash 
> Chopde's ITRANS package. Text is entered in transliterated devanagari, 
> and then processed into devanagari in Postscript format, and when used with 
> Frans Velthuis's Devnag Metafont package, into DVI and TeX formats as 
> well. The ITRANS package as well as the Devnag Metafont package is  
> available via FTP at

The Washington fonts mentioned above are avaliable from the INDOLOGY
Supplementary Gopher.  See



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