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Wed Nov 15 01:08:11 UTC 1995

On Tue, 14 Nov 1995 ORACLE at wrote:

> Yes, there is freeware postscript (and may be truetype also) available from
> the archive located at Wahingotn State University located in Seattle in USA.
> I have used postscript version of these fonts and they are very good. I even
> defined a set of Macros to make typing of diacritical chars very easy using
> these fonts. You can do the same using the Recorder application under Windows,
> but if you want my macro file I can send it free.

The Blackbox archive site - - is no longer 
available. I am unsure whether it's archives are kept elsewhere or if 
they were even transfer as all. Additionally, it is the University of 
Washington which is located in Seattle, WA. The "other" is a cross-state 

Regarding the recent threads about Devanagari fonts, I might add that one 
very good program for creating and printing Devanagari texts is Avinash 
Chopde's ITRANS package. Text is entered in transliterated devanagari, 
and then processed into devanagari in Postscript format, and when used with 
Frans Velthuis's Devnag Metafont package, into DVI and TeX formats as 
well. The ITRANS package as well as the Devnag Metafont package is  
available via FTP at

Anshuman Pandey
University of Washington


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