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Tue Nov 14 07:29:27 UTC 1995

priya mitraaNi,

Samskrita Bharathi, an organization with the mission of brining back Sanskrit
into daily life is conducting "Speak Sanskrit Classes" throughout USA during
Oct- Dec 95. On this occassion, we have brought out a Sanskrit souvenir -
"Samskrita Saurabham".

Total no. of pages = 40.

1.  Editorial
2.  Speak Sanskrit - A Gateway to rich heritage -- A report
3.  bhaashhaa - raashhTrajiivanena samavetaa -- H.V.Sheshadri
4.  puujaamaatraM na, priitiH api syaat.h -- Janardhan Hegde
5.  sudhA bhItA divaM gatA ! -- Kedar Naphde
6.  Sanskrit in Natural Language Processing - Why and How ? --
      Akshara Bharathi, IIT Kanpur
7.  baala modinii --  Stories for kids
8.  pada bandhaH -- Raghavendra Swamy
9.  Can we enjoy the great scriptures through translations? -- Sarasvati Mohan
10. Sanskrit Proverbs - Collection -- Vidhyanath Rao
11. Must it be stated again ? The importance of Sanskrit -- Ashok Aklujkar
12. Sanskrit Publication list - Pallava Prakashana

Apart from these, the souvenir has lot of useful information for Sanskrit
lovers. The souvenir has a beautiful color cover page too.

The souvenir is being distributed *FREE* of cost to ONLY to those who have
registered for "Speak Sanskrit Classes".

Those of you who are not able to attend the classes and want to get a copy
of the souvenir please send a requistion along with a cheque for
$5/- (Dollar Five Only) payable to IDRF. IDRF (India Development Relief Fund)
is a voluntary non-profit organization supporting social service activities in
India. They have sponsored the "Speak Sanskrit Classes" in USA.

Those outside United States, please send cheque for $6/- (Dollar Six Only).

Cheques should be mailed to --

                  Shivaram Bhat
                  20800, Homestead Road, #36H
                  Cupertino  CA - 95014

Write memo as "Sanskrit souvenir". The souvenir copy will be mailed to
your address.


- Raghavendra.   csr at

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