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humanities.language.sanskrit	The Sanskrit language and related topics.

Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC, 4 Dec 1995.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions
about the proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Shrisha Rao <Shrisha.Rao at>
Proponent: Henry Groover <HGroover at>
Mentor:    Todd Michel McComb <mccomb at>
Votetaker: Steve Bonine <spb at>

RATIONALE: humanities.language.sanskrit

Sanskrit is an Indo-European language of ancient origins, like Latin,
ancient Greek, and Persian. Unlike many other ancient languages, however,
it has had an unbroken tradition of both literary and everyday usage,
lasting right up to the present day.

A study of Sanskrit is very useful for those interested in understanding
Hinduism; it is also important to those who study Paninian linguistics,
Vedanta, Indology, the development of Indo-European languages and
cultures, etc. Besides all these, of course, Sanskrit has a vast body of
prose, poetry, drama, and music, of genuine literary worth, that is of
much interest to many scholars and amateurs.

There used to be a Sanskrit e-mail discussion group that generated a high
enough volume of messages to cause it to be shut down because of the
excessive load it was creating on its host system. The list had about 380
members who are potential readers of such a newsgroup; it may also be
safely assumed that there are others who were not on the list, but would
also like to see such a newsgroup come about.

CHARTER: humanities.language.sanskrit

The newsgroup humanities.language.sanskrit will be a forum devoted to the
discussion of all matters pertaining to the formal or informal study of
Sanskrit, both as a literary and scriptural language, and also as a
language for common use. The newsgroup will not be solely for those
already knowledgeable about Sanskrit, but will also give those interested
in it an opportunity to learn by interaction. While there will be no
restriction on the range of Sanskrit-related topics allowed, those that
have nothing to do either with Sanskrit itself, or with issues in the
study of Sanskrit, will be strongly discouraged.



You should send E-MAIL (posts to a newsgroup are invalid) to:

      voting at

Check the address before you mail your vote.  Your mail message must contain
one and only one of the following vote statements for each group:

      I vote YES on humanities.language.sanskrit
      I vote NO on humanities.language.sanskrit

You can also vote ABSTAIN or CANCEL.  These votes are not counted in the
results, and CANCEL removes your name from the vote listing in the result.

Names are required for this vote.  The counting software will extract your name
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     Voter name:

Vote counting is automated.  Failure to follow these directions may mean that
your vote does not get counted.  If you do not receive an acknowledgment of
your vote within three days contact the votetaker about the problem.  IT'S YOUR

If you wish to change your vote, simply vote again from the same account;
duplicate votes are resolved in favor of the most recent vote.

THIS IS NOT A SECRET VOTE.  Names, addresses, and votes will be published in
a RESULTS article in the same newsgroups in which this CFV appears.

The purpose of a Usenet vote is to determine the genuine interest of persons
who would read a proposed newsgroup.  Soliciting votes from disinterested
parties defeats this purpose.  Please do not distribute this CFV.  If you must,
direct people to the official CFV as posted to news.announce.newgroups.
Distributing pre-marked or edited copies of this CFV is vote fraud. When in
doubt, ask the votetaker.

Standard Guidelines for voting apply.  One person, one vote.  Votes must be
mailed directly from the voter to the votetaker.  Anonymous, forwarded or proxy
votes are not valid.  Votes mailed by WWW servers are considered to be
anonymous votes.


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