Adolf von Wurttemberg us003785 at
Tue Nov 14 10:30:00 UTC 1995

The best Windows-based Devanagari font set/wordprocessor I've ever used is
from Gamma Productions, 12625 High Bluff Dr., #218, San Diego, CA, 92130
USA. Telephone No.: 800-974-2662 The latest 32-bit version runs very fast
under Windows95. I teach Sanskrit and have used Devanagari computer-based
wordprocessors for almost 20 years. However, this is not shareware. Please
e-mail me if you have further questions.  

At 08:26 AM 11/14/95 GMT, you wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>recently we have bought from the Ecological Linguistics their Devanagari 
>fonts for Windows that look very fine but unfortunately are supplied 
>without software keyboard (on our complaint E.L. explained that it is able 
>to supply softwarwe keyboards only for their Macintosh version). Before we 
>start devising our own - a pretty laborious task - we would like to know 
>whether this sort of thing does not already exist as a shareware. We shall 
>be grateful for any hint or advice.
>Jaroslav Strnad
>Oriental Institute
>Czech Academy of Sciences
>Pod vodarenskou vezi 4
>182 08 Praha 8
>e-mail: strnad at


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