the particle kila

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Tue Nov 7 13:46:10 UTC 1995

Can anybody help me with the following question:
how often does the particle kila occur at the beginning of a sentence in
classical prose?  Speijer states that it is always enclitic and I noticed 
nothing about unusual word order in Emeneau's article on kila in the 
Indo-Iranian Journal.  The Petersburger Woerterbuch states that kila occurs
rarely in first place and gives two Belegstellen---one from the 
and one from a prose passage in the Pa~ncatantra (in an aged edition which I 
have not yet tracked down)---but I feel these have little probative value.

I believe there is another article on kila and other particles (?by van 
Daalen).  Does anybody happen to know where it was published?  Has anyone come
across other instances of kila appearing as the first word in a sentence?  I
would be most grateful for any help.

Dominic Goodall.

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