Gotras and the Vedas.

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Thu Nov 2 18:56:48 UTC 1995

Anshuman Pandey wrote: 
>In his Hindu Tribes and Castes (1872), M. A. Sherring provides a list 
>similar to the following in which he categorized gotra families under 
>specific Vedas. Is there much accuracy in this list?
>Samavedins    Yajurvedins    Rgvedins   Atharvavedins   The rest of the
>----------    -----------    --------   -------------   Brahmans, of all
>Kasyapa       Bharadvaja     Bhargava   Kaushika        gotras, follow
>Kaasyapa      Bhaaradvaja    Sankrita   Grtakaushika    the Vajurveda.
>Vatsa         Angiraah       Garga      Mudhgala
>Sandilya      Gautama        Bhrgu      Galawa
>Dhananjya     Upamanyu       Saunak     Vashisht

 My gOtra is kasyapa, but I am  Rgvedi. This is a counterinstance to the 
above classification.  
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