Internet-resources on Asian Studies - repeated query

Prof G Samuel G.Samuel1 at
Fri May 26 11:24:16 UTC 1995

Dear Dr Kellner

Re the latest report on your database - I would appreciate a copy of the
ASCII file. I'm not sure if I can handle uuencoding etc - is plain ASCII

Is this the same as the list of Tibetan etc material in electronic form
that you were asking for contributions to at an earlier stage?

Later in the year, I hope to have a www page for this department with
some local material and
links to resources on Asian religions etc elsewhere - will keep you
posted about developments.

Hope to see you shortly at the IATS conference.

Geoffrey Samuel
Department of Religious Studies
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YG, UK
fax 01524 847039
email G.Samuel1 at

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