Internet-resources on Asian Studies - repeated query

David Magier magier at
Fri May 26 13:50:10 UTC 1995

Further to your message:
you mentioned that you will be bringing this list online 'possibly as a
web page' via Hiroshima sometime this summer. Allow me to offer the
South Asia Gopher (and the "South Asia Gopher/Web") here at Columbia as
an alternative or mirror site, to reduce the load on the Hiroshima
server. (If the ftp archive of Prof. Tokunaga's Mahabharata files is
any indication, those of us in North America will find the Hiroshima
server a very slow link, perhaps too slow for us to use effectively for
a web page. So a North American mirror site might be a good idea). What
do you think of this proposal?
David Magier
"The South Asia Gopher"
magier at

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=========== At 11:07 AM 5.26.95, Birgit Kellner wrote
> ... requesting information on Internet-related
>resources on Asian Studies in general, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies in
>particular. The background was to provide the participants in the 7th
>Seminar of the International Association of Tibetan Studies (IATS), which
>will take place from 17th-24th of June in Seggau/Austria ...

After I had communicated with Ms. Kellner privately in regard to her recent
posting, it occurred to me that there might be some utility in conveying
some of what I had said to the entire list.

The International Association of Buddhist Studies is in the process of
constructing a web site, to include links to sites such as the one
mentioned above in addition to others.  When that site goes online, I will
inform this list of its URL in hopes of receiving suggestions and

Perhaps those of us who will be at the June IATS meeting could get together
at some point and talk about these matters.

[This will be cross-posted to Indology and Tibet-L.  Apologies in advance.]

Joe Wilson
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