Indian Archival Contacts?

jdwhite at jdwhite at
Wed May 24 17:44:24 UTC 1995

I shall be in india later this summer to photograph some Sanskrit
manuscripts (with GOI permission).  Though several archival libraries have
responded over the past six months to my request to be allowed to photograph
these manuscripts, I have had no response from others.  If anyone on the
list knows of a particular contact for the following repositories, please
let me know at my email address above.

University of Madras Oriental Manuscript Library

Asiatic Society of Bombay

Scindia Oriental Institute, Ujjain

Sajjan Vani Vilas Library, Udaipur

I also would like to photograph some manuscripts which V. Raghavan's
catalogue says are in the Department of Archaeology at Jodhpur.  As I have
had no response from the Department of Archaeology, it is possible that
their manuscripts are now in another repository.  Does anyone have any
experience with these manuscripts?



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