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Wed May 24 00:59:25 UTC 1995

Horace Hayman Wilson's translation, bearing the title _The ViSNu
PuraaNa. A System of Hindu Mythology and Tradition Translated from the
Original Sanskrit and Illustrated by Notes Derived Chiefly from Other
PuraaNas_, was published in 1840, the first complete translation of a
PuraaNa into a European language. I assume it must be the translation
read by Emerson, as being the only one available in the philosopher's

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On 23-Mag-95 Robin Kornman wrote:

> Re: the Puraa.na_

>>This said, if you nevertheless want to tackle the PuraaNas, I would
>>recommend the ViSNu rather than the Matsya, as being probably the
>>least disappointing to the western layman in terms both of structure
>>and of contents in the whole range of PuraaNas. A very enjoyable
>>translation by H. H. Wilson is available in beautiful old-fashioned
>>English, with copious notes.

>You know what? Emerson cites this in his essay on Plato!!!
>I'm going to get H.H. Wilson's translation, but I would very much like
>to know which one Emerson read, as well.



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